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Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa Hotels
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Yasmine Hammamet

Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa Yasmine Hammamet
is a five-star luxury hotel
Along a vast sandy beach, HASDRUBAL Yasmine Hamammet is a magnificent stopover where you will discover the harmonious contrast between the massive shapes and the intimacy of the various areas, sculpted by the fountains and lighting effects which enliven its architecture, endowed with the attributes of luxury and refinement down to the smallest detail. More...

Port El Kantaoui

The HASDRUBAL THALASSA & Spa Port El Kantaoui
is a four star hotel.
Magnificent gardens which go down in tiers towards the beach, the sea is in the background, and next to it, the marina… such is the beautiful site where the HASDRUBAL Port El Kantaoui is located. It is an intimate hotel, warm, where everything reflects calm, order, and beauty. The Thalassotherapy center is a place where you may enjoy the delights of sea water cares and exquisite massages. More...


HASDRUBAL THALASSA & Spa Djerba is a 5-star hotel

Djerba Island is a true paradise on earth. This is a place where one feels good to be alive and particularly, at the HASDRUBAL THALASSA hotel with its cozy comfort and oriental architecture, which immerse you right a way in an altogether different universe: arches, moucharabies, fountains, and colonnades stretching towards More...


Hasdrubal PRESTIGE Thalassa & Spa Djerba
“It is less one hotel which an inhabited landscape”
It opens on the sea and the artificial Lagoon of three water. It is the liquid element which emphasizes calms ascetic of the unit. The relationship to nature continues inside the hotel, the terraces of the rooms are true bubbles for the pleasure.

L’Hasdrubal PRESTIGE Thalassa & Spa Djerba has selected for you the language of appeal.. More...

De superbes jardins qui s’étalent jusqu'à la plage avec la mer en toile de fond et à proximité de la Marina… voilà le superbe site où s’est implanté HASDRUBAL Port El Kantaoui. C’est un hôtel intime, chaleureux où tout n’est que calme, ordre et beauté.


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THE THALASSOTHERAPY with Flowers ...the harmony between body and mind

Fancy these day Spa and massage centers facing the Mediterranean where all is brightness, wellbeing and comfort. These are unique, privileged centers where one surrenders to the experience of peace and harmony, while being gently pampered with the delights of hydrotherapy and sea environment.

Traditional thalassotherapy reduces, if it does not completely remove, the effects of stress, overwork and overweight. It relieves chronic rheumatisms, back pains, circulatory troubles…

Floral thalassotherapy does even more…

Experience has demonstrated that beauty, body and mind harmony, the awakening of the senses… are the necessary complements to the success of your Health and Beauty treatment.

Hearing: the background music, the birds' chirping…
Sight: the pearly colour of the water, the floral decoration of the cabin…
Smell: the verbena's spellbinding perfume
Touch: the sensuality… a soft and satin-smooth skin
Taste: a delicious herb tea of jasmine with barley water spiced with a cinnamon stick…

After having evaluated your Health capital, our professionals will give you the benefit of their know-how. Just let yourself be cradled in a cocoon of calm and relaxation...




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